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Helene Lallemand

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Lawyer (Senior Associate)

Hélène Lallemand joined the Competition, European Law and Regulatory group of White & Case Paris in 2010. Hélène mainly dealt with cartel cases, merger cases and regulatory issues. Before joining White & Case, Hélène was an intern in the competition teams of several high profile law firms in Paris and Brussels. Since 2013, she is an associate at Bredin Prat.

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1494 Bulletin

Helene Lallemand, Juliette Goyer The French Competition Authority issues a decision making compulsory the commitments of several national banks to abolish the main interbank fees on direct debits, interbank payment orders, and other non-cash means of payment (BNP Paribas / Banque de France / CIC / Société Générale)


Following a commitment procedure, the French NCA issued a decision on 5 July 2012 making compulsory the commitments submitted by several French banks (Banque de France, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Crédit du Nord, LCL, BPCE, HSBC, Banque Postale, Crédit Mutuel, CIC) and their representative (...)

Helene Lallemand The French Competition Authority fines 11 national banks €384.9 million for unjustified interbank fees during the transition period to the new digital system for processing checks


Summary of the case The Autorité de la concurrence (the French national competition authority) issued a decision on 20 September 2010 in which it fined the Banque de France, BPCE, the Banque postale, BNP-Paribas, Confédération Nationale du Crédit Mutuel, Crédit Agricole, Crédit du Nord, Crédit (...)

7967 Review

Helene Lallemand, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet Energy - Electricity: The French Competition Authority expresses concerns about the arrangements proposed by RTE regarding the participation of some operators in the electricity balancing mechanism (Electricity sector)


Concise Aut. opinion no. 12-A-19 relating to consumption load-shedding in the electricity sector On March 13, 2012, CRE sent the Competition Authority a request for an opinion on the compliance with competition law of draft rules on the valuation of the diffuse erasure on the adjustment (...)

Helene Lallemand, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet Electronic communications – Mobile telephony: The French Competition Authority recommends to the French agency of frequencies (ANFR) to take precautions in order to prevent operators from being aware of their competitors’ deployment strategy and new entrants from being disadvantaged (Radio electrical sites of mobile phone operators)


Opinion No. 11-A-20 of 15 December 2011 on the methods of communication of data relating to the radio sites of mobile operators. On 16 December 2011, the French Competition Authority, acting on a referral from the Minister for the Economy, issued an opinion on the exchange of information under (...)

Helene Lallemand, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet Energy – Electricity – Gas: The French NRA acknowledges that the three French transmission system operators comply with the independence and autonomy requirements with regard to their parent company (RTE, GRTgaz and TIGF)


CRE, decision of January 26, 2012 on the certification of GRTgaz CRE, deliberation of 26 January 2012 concerning the decision to certify the company RTE CRE, deliberation of the 26 January 2012 on the decision to certify the company TIGF In three deliberations dated January 26, 2012, the (...)

Helene Lallemand Energy – Electricity: The Minister of Industry, Energy and the Digital economy publishes an order defining the functionalities of communicating electricity meters Linky (Public networks of electricity)


Order of January 4, 2012 issued pursuant to Article 4 of Decree No. 2010-1022 of August 31, 2010 on metering devices on public electricity networks, JORF No. 8 of January 10, 2012, p. 468. The order defining the functionalities of Linky communicating electricity meters was published in the (...)

Helene Lallemand, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet Electronic communications: The European Commission calls on France to ensure non discriminatory allocation of digital TV broadcasting frequencies


Eur. Comm, press release IP/11/1115, 29.0911, the Commission calls on France to ensure non-discriminatory allocation of digital TV broadcasting frequencies On 29 September 2011, the European Commission issued a reasoned opinion against France, taking the view that France’s allocation of (...)

Helene Lallemand, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet Electronic communications: The French NRA issues an opinion regarding the regulation envisaged by the French electronic communications regulator regarding the wholesale broadband access services market


Aut. conc. opinion No. 11-A-05 on a request for an opinion from the Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes (ARCEP) on the third round of analysis of the wholesale broadband and very high-speed broadband markets On 8 March 2011, the French Competition Authority (...)

Helene Lallemand, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet Energy - Access to network and infrastructure : The CoRDiS (Standing Committee for disputes and sanctions of the French NRA) imposes the modification of the provision related to outstanding payments in contract between the energy supplier and distribution system operators (Direct Energie/ERDF)


CoRDiS of the CRE, decision of 22 October 2010 on the dispute between Direct Energie and ERDF concerning the GRD-F contract In a decision dated October 22, 2010, the CoRDiS (Dispute Settlement and Sanctions Committee), which exercises the powers of the CRE (Energy Regulation Commission) in (...)


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