Hanna Danwall

Carlsberg (Copenhagen)
Head of Competition Law

Hanna Danwall is head of competition law at Carlsberg Group. She was group competition compliance officer at Maersk Group until 2015. Prior to that, she was an associate at Vinge, advising on EU & Competition Law (including State aid). Prior to joining Vinge Hanna practiced as a law clerk at a Swedish district court. She graduated with a L.L.M., (Jur Kand), from Lund University in 2005 and with a L.L.M., from King’s College in 2009. She speaks Swedish and English. She is also a guest lecturer at the faculty of law, Univeristy of Copenhagen.


211 Bulletin

Hanna Danwall The Swedish Competition Authority, as part of a second phase investigation, clears a merger between the only two companies selling the same active pharmaceutical ingredient in the OTC market in Sweden (GlaxoSmithKline Dungarvan /AstraZeneca Tika)


The parties to the transaction, i.e., GlaxoSmithKline Dungarvan ("GSK") and AstraZeneca Tika ("AZT") are active in Sweden within the field of, inter alia, consumer health. The Swedish Competition Authority ("SCA") divided the sale of pharmaceuticals into the following three markets; personal (...)

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