Greg Sivinski

Former Assistant General Counsel

Greg Sivinski is the former Assistant General Counsel of Antitrust of Microsoft Corporation. Before joining Microsoft Law and Corporate Affairs in 2003 after more than ten years at American Airlines, he has focused upon the regulation of competition in network industries, including computer operating systems, enterprise network software, and online services such as search and search advertising. He also handles M&A and JV regulatory matters within the CELA Antitrust Group, including the Microsoft/GitHub, LinkedIn, and Skype transactions. Greg also advises the CELA Intellectual Property Group on antitrust and regulatory law worldwide affecting the acquisition, ownership, and use of IPRs. Patent transactions include Novell, Nortel a/k/a “Rockstar,” and AOL. The intersection of competition law with "Big Data", digital markets, and artificial intelligence is a current focus. Greg advices the Microsoft AI & Research business division, as well as working across CELA government and regulatory affairs worldwide on outreach in these areas.



Greg Sivinski (Microsoft)
Greg Sivinski 8 December 2017 Paris


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