Yaprak Gonlusen

GlaxoSmithKline (Istanbul)
Legal Affairs Manager for Near East

Yaprak Gönlüşen’s specialisation includes mergers and acquisitions, competition, energy, corporate and banking/finance. During her career, Yaprak advised a number of major clients in various sectors including banking, pharmaceutical, media, insurance, energy and healthcare. After her studies at Bilkent University in Ankara, Yaprak obtained her L.L.M degree from Leiden University in The Netherlands. She speaks Turkish and English.


2222 Bulletin

Yaprak Gonlusen The Turkish Competition Authority imposes the highest fine ever against twelve banks for collusion in the cash deposit, credit, and credit card services markets (Akbank / Turkiye Garanti Bankasi / Garanti Odeme Sistemleri)


The Turkish Competition Board (the "TCB") recently concluded an investigation against 12 major banks operating in Turkey and imposed a total fine of TL 1.1 billion (approximately EUR 475 million). This is the highest fine ever imposed by the TCB. The investigation was initiated following (...)

Yaprak Gonlusen The Turkish Competition Authority unconditionally approves an acquisition in the markets for metal packaging coatings and metal decorating inks (Akzo Nobel / Metlac)


On 27 August 2012, the Turkish Competition Board (the “TCB”) made public the reasoning for its unconditional clearance decision on the acquisition of Metlac Holding S.r.l. (“Metlac Holding”) and its subsidiaries by Akzo Nobel Coatings Int. B.V. (“ANCI”), a transaction which has already been cleared (...)

Yaprak Gonlusen The Turkish Competition Authority decides that the match-fixing activities of football clubs are outside the scope of Turkish competition legislation (The Turkish Football Clubs)


The Turkish Competition Board (the “Board”) recently (on 21 June 2012) made public its reasoned decision (the “Decision”) on the match-fixing activities of some of Turkey’s football clubs, a scandal that has gripped the Turkish public since last year. In contradiction of the claims of the third (...)

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