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B.Golan Law Firm (Tel Aviv)
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Boaz Golan is the founding partner B. Golan Law Firm a boutique firm specializing in Antitrust and Competition. As the former General Counsel of the Israel Antitrust Authority, he gained extensive experience in litigating both civil and criminal antitrust cases, and has profound familiarity with the Authority’s policy considerations and its practice in a large range of circumstances. Boaz decided in numerous cases in which the applicability of Israel antitrust law was an issue, as well as in matters regarding Israeli jurisdiction, such international mergers and restrictive arrangements that did not take place in Israeli territory. Boaz advises some of the largest Israeli corporations regarding their conduct and commercial practices vis-à-vis antitrust and competition law. He emphasizes measures to limit exposure to the corporations and to their senior management, such as internal compliance programs. For the past five years, Boaz, along with the current General Director of the Israel Antitrust Authority, has co-chaired advanced studies for antitrust practitioners at Tel-Aviv University.

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B.Golan Law Firm (Tel Aviv)


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Boaz Golan, Nimrod Prawer The Israeli Antitrust Authority publishes a green paper regarding a new block exemption for collaborations among competitors regarding export cartels in the defence industry


Recently, the Israeli Antitrust Authority’s ("IAA") has published a green paper regarding a new Block Exemption for collaborations among competitors regarding Export Cartels in the Defense Industry (the "Green Paper" and the "Block Exemption for Defense Industry Export Cartels"). A. Background (...)

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