Dorota Galeza

The University of Manchester
PhD Candidate

Dorota is a PhD student at Manchester University, studying competition law. She holds a first class law degree from Hull and a distinction from an LLM from Manchester University (International Business and Commercial Law).


1579 Bulletin

Dorota Galeza The UK’s Court of Appeal doesn’t allow appeals by four companies in an extension of the time limit for appealing a decision of the Appellant (Somerfield, Co-operative)


Facts of the case A key problem in this case was whether the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) correctly held that there were “exceptional circumstances” justifying an extension of the time limit for appealing a decision of the Appellant, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). The question to be (...)

Dorota Galeza The UK Supreme Court grants permission to appeal against the Court of Appeal’s judgement that struck out a cartel damages claims on the ground that they were out of time (Deutsche Bahn)


Introduction Deutsche Bahn v Morgan Crucible is a well-litigated case, with a judgment from the Court of Appeal and the granted permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. Taking into account the novel issues involved in this case, it appears reasonable that the Supreme Court wants to resolve (...)

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