Frédéric Manin

Altana Law (Paris)
Lawyer (Partner)

Frédéric Manin became a lawyer in 1996. Frédéric Manin leads the Competition and EU Law practice within Altana. He has also been teaching in these areas over the past ten years. Experience he has gained highlights two core competences. The first one relates to the handling of cases which require a combined knowledge of both antitrust and regulations of commercial practices on the one hand and contracts on the other, as the two legal frameworks against which the risks and the strategy of the companies are assessed, in the context of their commercial relationship with clients or partners. The second strength builds on competition/antitrust cases which involve IP matters. These generally are highly complicated legal issues since they rely on the need to reconcile the necessary protection of any rights generated by human creation and the equally due to be protected standard of liberalization of the market and right of access of new entrants which respond to potentially new demands. Meeting the challenge has each time been possible through mutualisation of expertise in these two fields and a comprehensive knowledge of the client’s industry.

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