Florian Leib


Graduated 2005 at Free University of Berlin. PhD Student of Prof. Dr. Säcker. LL.M. Student at Queen Mary University of London.


13276 Bulletin

Florian Leib The German Competition Authority clears with remedies, during phase II, a merger in the energy sector and still divides the relevant geographic market for gas supply in regional markets (EnBW-VNG / GESO)


The German Bundeskartellamt cleared on August 24th, 2009 in phase II a merger between EnBW and VNG in the energy sector with remedies consisting in the sale of a subsidiary of EnBW (GESO). The Bundeskartellamt defines regional relevant geographic markets in the sector for grid-bounded gas (...)

Florian Leib The German Federal State Court confirms a decision of the Bundeskartellamt finding a supplier guilty of abusing its dominant position under Art. 82 EC by preventing customers from refilling from competing suppliers (Soda-Club II)


The German Federal State Court essentially confirmed the German Federal Cartel Office’s allegation against the supplier of Soda-Club machines to make carbonated beverages of abusing its dominant position. The group of undertakings Soda-Club produces and sells machines to make carbonated (...)

Florian Leib The German Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf specifies the requirements and the procedure for granting an exemption to the merger non-consummation rule before NCA clearance (Phonak/GN ReSound)


Facts of the case A Swiss undertaking and a Danish one, both producing technology for hearing aids, intended to merge, and notified the concentration to the German competition authority, the Federal Cartel Office (FCO), due to the facts that the participating undertakings reached the turnover (...)

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