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Filippo Amato

European Commission (Brussels)
Head of Trade and Economics Section

Filippo Amato has extensive EC competition law, public enforcement, and litigation experience in various industries, including chemicals, automotive, media, agriculture, sport, and services. Before joining Jones Day, Filippo served for seven years as an official of the European Institutions. While at the European Commission, Filippo worked for more than two years at the Directorate General for Competition, where he dealt with a number of merger and antitrust cases, and for three years at the Commission’s Legal Service, where he advised the Commission on cartel and merger cases and was involved in more than 40 court proceedings before the Court of First Instance and the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. Between 2002 and 2003 he was seconded to the Court of Justice (at the cabinet of former Advocate General Antonio Tizzano) and during this time was involved with various issues pertaining to the interpretation of European law. Filippo regularly delivers speeches and publishes articles on EC competition law. He graduated from Columbia University (LL.M. 2001); College of Europe (LL.M. in EC Law 1998); University Institute of European Studies (Postgraduate course in International Trade Law 1996); University of Turin (J.D. with honors 1995).


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2901 Bulletin

Filippo Amato The Italian Supreme Administrative Court sets aside the Competition Authority’s decision to impose a fine for failure to comply with a decision prohibiting a merger (Tetra Pak)


I. Introduction By judgment of 29 December 2010, the Consiglio di Stato (Italian Supreme Administrative Court, the «Court») set aside a decision of 29 July 2004 (the «Decision») by which the Italian Competition Authority (the «ICA») had imposed a fine on Tetra Pak International S.A. («Tetra Pak») (...)

6378 Review

Bernard van de Walle de Ghelcke, Denis Waelbroeck, Eric Morgan de Rivery, Filippo Amato, Jacques Bourgeois, Leonardo Armati, Marc van der Woude, Massimo Merola, Matthew Levitt, Tarik Hennen Towards an optimal enforcement of competition rules in Europe: Time for a Review of Regulation 1/2003?


The Fifth annual conference of the Global Competition Law Centre, held in Brussels on 11-12 June 2009, was dedicated to the Commission’s review of EC Regulation 1/2003. These contributions are the summaries of six work groups: I) The directly applicable exception system and the direct (...)

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