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Armando Martins Ferreira

Abreu Advogados (Lisbon)
Lawyer (Partner)

Armando Martins Ferreira is a Partner of Abreu Advogados. He holds a Law degree from the University of Lisbon Law School, as well as a Post-Graduation in Law and Management by Nova University and an Expertise Degree in Competition Policy (INA - Instituto Nacional de Administração).

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Abreu Advogados (Lisbon)
Abreu Advogados (Lisbon)
Abreu Advogados (Lisbon)


766 Bulletin

Armando Martins Ferreira The Portuguese Competition Authority sends a statement of objections to 15 banking institutions for allegedly exchanging sensitive data regarding the supply of retail-banking loan products


The Portuguese Competition Authority confirmed having sent a Statement of Objections to 15 banks for suspected participation in a concerted practice. According to the last press release issued by the Portuguese Competition Authority on June 5, 2015, the Statement of Objections was issued on May (...)

Armando Martins Ferreira The Lisbon Commercial Court annulled twice Portuguese Competition Authority’s decisions convicting eleven flour milling companies for alleged cartel (Cerealis, Cerealis Moagens, Moagem Ceres, Granel)


In January 2004, following the news on the near-30% rise in bread price, the Competition Authority decided to open an investigation. After several searches, the Authority concluded that between December 2000 and September 2004 flour price increases were uniform as to the amount, date of (...)

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