KAPSARC (Riyadh) University Littoral-Cote d'Opale (Dunkerque)

Fateh Belaïd

KAPSARC (Riyadh), University Littoral-Cote d’Opale (Dunkerque)

Fateh Belaïd is a research fellow at KAPSARC. Before joining KAPSARC, Fateh was a full Professor of Economics at the Lille Catholic University and Director of the Smart and Sustainable Cities research unit, with appointments in École des Ponts & Chaussées ParisTech, and École Nationale des Sciences Géographiques. He received an HDR (Habilitation for Supervising Doctoral Research) from Orléans University, a Ph.D. in Economics and an M.S. degree in Applied Economics and Decision Theory from Littoral Côte d’Opale University, as well as M.S. degrees in Statistics from the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics. He is an energy and environmental economist drawing from the fields of applied microeconomics, energy modeling, and econometrics. He has published widely on household energy consumption, energy-saving behaviors, individual preference and investment in energy efficiency, fuel poverty, as well as on renewable energy and energy policy.

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