Evi Mattioli

Crowell & Moring (Brussels)
Lawyer (Associate)

Evi Mattioli is an attorney in the EU- and Competition law practice group of CMS Netherlands. She advises firms active in the sectors life sciences, automotive, construction, media and healthcare. Evi has been with CMS since 2013 and previously worked as a PhD-candidate at KU Leuven.


3617 Bulletin

Evi Mattioli The Dutch Competition Authority reduces the fines imposed on companies in the flour milling industry based on the ’inability to pay’ in light of fines imposed by the German and French Competition Authorities (Grain Millers / Ranks)


I. Facts On 16 December 2010, the Dutch Competition Authority (the former Nederlandse Mededingingsautoriteit, as of April 2013, Autoriteit Consument & Markt, hereinafter the ’ACM’) imposed a fine of a total of € 81,600,000 on fifteen flour producers. According to the ACM, they had infringed (...)

Evi Mattioli The Belgian College of Competition Prosecutors classifies a case on abuse of dominant position on the grounds of lack of priority and lack of resources for the first time (Codenet / Colt Telecom / Versatel and WorldCom / Belgacom)


The decision of the College of Competition Prosecutors - the investigating authority of the Belgian Competition Council - is of importance insofar as it has for the first time in Belgium closed an investigation on the grounds of a lack of priority and a lack of resources. In 2009, the Belgian (...)

Evi Mattioli A Belgian Court holds that a provision requesting feedback on resale prices does not constitute resale price maintenance (IDH Diamonds / Billiton Diamonds)


Description of the impugned case This case involved two undertakings active in the diamond industry, IDH Diamonds NV (‘IDH’) and BHP Billiton Diamonds Belgium NV (‘BHP’). In 1997 they had entered into an agreement under which IDH would become a ‘regular client’ of BHP, whose customers for diamonds (...)

Evi Mattioli A Belgian Appeal Court holds valid a resale price maintenance provision taking into consideration lack of evidence that the agreement restricted the national market or a substantial part of it (Incanto / Livoque)


Description of the impugned case On 20 September 2004, the Antwerp Court of Appeal (‘the Court’) rendered its decision on the compatibility of a franchising agreement with the Belgian competition rules. The franchisor, Incanto BVBA, is active in the sector of jewellery and accessories and has (...)

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