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Eva Valle Trade Strategy at European Commission, DG Trade.

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651 Bulletin

Eva Valle The European Commission orders recovery of incompatible State aid of € 15.7 million from a German porcelain manufacturer (Kahla Porzellan, and Kahla/Thüringen Porzellan)


"Aid in favour of Kahla Porzellan GmbH and Kahla/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH"* On 30 October 2002 the European Commission finalised three years of investigation ordering recovery of incompatible aid of € 15.7 million from the eastern German porcelain manufacturer Kahla. The Commission decision (...)

Eva Valle The European Commission investigates new aid in favor of a German textile and fabric company and initiates in parallel a judicial procedure against Germany for not executing a negative decision on aid to the same company now bankrupt (Neue Erba Lautex, ’old’ Erba Lautex)


"Germany – Commission investigates new aid to Neue Erba Lautex GmbH and takes Germany to Court for non-execution of negative decision on aid to ‘old’ Erba Lautex"* On 25 July 2001, the Commission adopted two closely linked decisions concerning the bankrupt Erba Lautex GmbH and its legal successor (...)

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