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Eva Valentová

Prague City Hall
Senior Policy Advisor

Eva Valentová is a senior policy adviser and has been part of the core team for creating and shaping migrants integration strategies in the City of Prague. Before this, Eva was a lawyer in Clifford Chance (Prague) at the corporate department and the Slovak desk. She specialises in commercial, corporate and competition Czech and Slovak law. Prior to joining Clifford Chance, she gained experience working at the European Commission and for a leading Czech law firm. She graduated from Charles University, Law faculty in Prague and from Université Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris. Apart from her native Slovak, Eva speaks French, English, Czech and Russian.


29576 Bulletin

Eva Valentová The Czech Competition Office cleared in phase II a merger in the bijouterie sector subject to remedies, including assumption of older commitments and maintaining supply conditions (Bijouterie Trading / Swarovski / Ornela / BÈM)


The operation Bijouterie Trading Company, akciová spoleènost ("BTC") and Swarovski Bohemia spol. s r.o. ("Swarovski Bohemia") acquired a joint control over ORNELA, akciová spoleènost ("ORNELA"), including its subsidiaries (such as Bižuterie Èeská Mincovna, a.s. ("BÈM")). BTC manufactures and trades (...)

Eva Valentová The Czech Competition Office clears a merger in the TV broadcasting and TV advertising markets subject to maintenance of third parties access under existing business terms and conditions (PPF / Nova Holding)


The operation In merger concerned, PPF (CYPRUS) LIMITED ("PPF"), and three individuals acquired joint control over NOVA HOLDING, a.s. ("Nova Holding") under a shareholders agreement, which followed the share purchase agreement and the related agreement on transfer of rights and obligations (p. (...)

Eva Valentová The Czech Competition Office clears a merger in phase II in the sector of telecommunications subject to provide services under non discriminatory terms with regards to other services provider and final consumers (Telecom / Eurotel)


The operation On the basis of the share purchase agreement between ÈESKÝ TELECOM, a.s. ("TELECOM"), as a purchaser and ATLANTIC WEST B.V. ("AWBW"), as a seller, TELECOM acquired additional 49% of shares in Eurotel Praha a.s. ("EUROTEL") to the previously held 51 % of shares and became, thus, its (...)

Eva Valentová The Czech Competition Office clears in a landmark decision in phase II a merger in the pharmaceutical sector subject to several structural and behavioural remedies, including transfer and divestment of trademarks and termination of a license agreement (Zentiva / S. L. Pharma)


The operation On the basis of share transfer agreement concluded on 20 January 2003, ZENTIVA B.V. ("Zentiva") acquired 100 % of shares in S.L. PHARMA HOLDING GESELLSCHAFT M.B.H. ("SLP") and therefore gained a sole control over the company. Zentiva operates in Czech Republic mainly through (...)

Eva Valentová The Czech Competiton Office cleared in phase II a merger in the market of products used for manufacture of ceramics subject to remedies aimed at maintaining supplies for small and mid-sized producers (Torrecid / Glazura)


The operation Under the shareholder interest transfer agreement on transfer of shares, TORRECID, S.A. ("TORRECID"), a company with the registered office in Spain, acquired a 100 % shareholder interest in Glazura, s.r.o. ("Glazura"). (p. 1) TORRECID forms together with its subsidiaries (...)

Eva Valentová The Czech Competition Authority rejects an appeal concerning structural merger remedies in the energy sector, but deprives itself of the right to approve the buyer of divested assets if the future transfer is not itself subject to assessment under statute (ÈEZ / STE / VÈE / SÈE / ZÈE / SME / PRE / JME)


The operation The merger concerned constituted one of the phases in a wider framework of the government’s strategy to privatize state controlled stakes in the energy sector. The concerned transaction involved the transfer of shares directly owned by the state in eeight regional energy (...)

Eva Valentová The Czech Competition Authority clears a merger in the long-distance heat supply sector, subject to granting access to the infrastructure and temporary maintenance of supply level (Dalkia / ZTO )


The operation On the basis of the share purchase agreement concluded between Dalkia Morava, a.s. ("Dalkia") as a buyer and Ostrava municipality as a seller, Dalkia acquired 95% of shares in Zásobování teplem Ostrava, a.s. ("ZTO"), a stake enabling Dalkia to exercise an exclusive control over the (...)

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