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Etienne Pfister

RBB Economics (Paris)

Etienne Pfister is a Partner at RBB Economics, based in Paris. He has over 15 years of experience in competition economics. Prior to joining RBB in 2022, he was the Chief Economist of the French Competition Authority and, prior to that, head of unit at the French Competition Authority. While at the French Competition Authority, Etienne has worked on a vast range of competition cases, including horizontal and vertical mergers, abuse of dominance cases, vertical restraints, horizontal agreements, as well as estimation of damages arising from anticompetitive practices. His experience covers a wide spectrum of industries, such as online platforms, telecoms, media and advertising, pharmaceuticals, fast moving consumer goods, automotive and retail. Etienne speaks regularly at competition policy conferences and has published numerous articles on competition economics. He has been giving lectures in competition economics and competition law for many years in various French universities. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the Paris School of Economics.

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Catherine Prieto, Laurence Idot, Emmanuel Combe, Anne Wachsmann, David Bosco, Etienne Pfister, Mathilde Poulain, Marie-Cecile Rameau, Josep M. Carpi Badia, Etienne Chantrel, Didier Theophile, Guy Canivet, Rafael P. Amaro, Henri Piffaut, Doris Hildebrand, Paulo Burnier da Silveira, Fatma El-Zahraa Adel The integration of public interest considerations in the application of competition rules (26 Nov 2020)


The integration of public interest considerations is not only desirable, but possible because of the permeability of the competition rules to the reception of well-being by the competitive parameters of quality, choice and innovation in addition to that of price. The scope for progress depends (...)

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Nowadays, commitments decisions of the competition authorities are, most of the time, preceded by a consultation of third parties. These "market tests" have become a central step of the antitrust procedure and merger control. The authors of this Tendances present their experience in using this (...)

David Spector, Etienne Pfister, Joseph Vogel Distribution networks and competition law


Paradoxically, competition law today is frequently used more as a weapon of defence than to challenge networks, and notably against certain rules of national law. When relied on as a means of challenging networks, competition law is mainly used either to circumvent the networks, or to gain (...)

Catherine Vautrin, Claire Chambolle, Clémence Christin, Etienne Pfister, Marie-Laure Allain, Michaël Cousin, Serge Papin, Thierry Dahan New aspects of grocery retail sector regulation


Both aspects of the grocery retail sector regulation, i.e. the rules on unfair behaviours and those governing the market structures have evolved in different ways since 2005. Further to the Competition Authority’s opinion of 17 December 2010 discussions moved toward the relevance of more (...)

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