Ernesto Razzano

Ferrovie dello Stato (Rome)
In-house Counsel

Ernesto Razzano is currently working in Ferrovie dello Stato s.p.a. as a senior legal adviser in the areas of European competition law, regulatory issues and services of general economic interest. Before joining the legal department of Ferrovie dello Stato, he worked for several Italian and international law firms in Brussels and in Rome. He also works for the European Commission as expert in the field of free movement of persons. He holds a Master degree (LL. M.) in European Community Law from the College of Europe.


1613 Bulletin

Ernesto Razzano The Italian Competition Authority blocks a merger in the electricity market of Italy’s smallest region and suggests the region to remove existing regulatory barriers to reconsider its assessment (Compagna Valdostana delle Acque / Deval / Vallenergie)


Introduction On the 4th of August 2011 the Italian Competition Authority (hereinafter «ICA«) brought a phase II merger to an unusual conclusion. The proceeding was opened in order to assess competition issues arising from a proposed merger involving electricity operators active in the markets (...)

Ernesto Razzano The Italian Competition Authority accepts and enforces commitments offered by the main energy companies active in the Sicily electricity wholesale market (Enel / Tolling Edipower)


Introduction With two resolutions adopted on 22 December 2010, the Italian Competition Authority («ICA») decided to close two parallel investigations opened on January 2010 on the conduct of major electricity producers active in the Sicily macro-area of the electricity wholesale market. ICA (...)

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