Erika Szyszczak

University of Sussex

Erika Szyszczak is a Jean Monnet Professor ad personam and a practising barrister in London with interests in EU competition law and state aid law. She has recently published the Research Handbook on European State Aid Law (Edward Elgar) and a co-founder of the Transformation of the Market and the State project where research outputs are published by the TMC Asser Press.

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University of Sussex
University of Sussex


468 Bulletin

3039 Review

Bertrand Carsin, Elena-Loredana Puiu, Erika Szyszczak, Jose A. Gutierrez-Fons, Koen Lenaerts, Nicola Pesaresi, Proinsias De Rossa, Stéphane Rodrigues, Valérie Guigue-Koeppen Towards a new European law on services of general interest ?


1996-2011: Fifteen years after the first Commission Communication on Services of General Interest in Europe, the European Union is establishing a real doctrine of public services, which has been reinforced by the new provisions of the Lisbon Treaty (article 14 TFEU, Protocol on SGI…). This (...)

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