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Enrique Cañizares Pacheco

RBB Economics (Madrid)

Enrique Cañizares Pacheco is Partner at RBB Economics since February 2014. Enrique specializes on the application of economic analysis to competition policy in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, abusive conducts, cartels, vertical restraints, State aid, and damages valuation. He has advised private companies within the context of investigations and merger control proceedings conducted by the European Commission and the antitrust authorities of Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, and Turkey. He has also acted as advisor to competition and regulatory authorities such as the Spanish telecommunications regulator (CMT) and the Bolivian multi-sectoral regulator (SIRESE). His economic consulting experience spans a wide array of industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, intellectual property, pay-TV, steel, software, telecommunications, tobacco and transport and logistics. Enrique regularly writes articles for publications focused on competition law and economics, and delivers presentations in specialized conferences and courses. Prior to joining PricewaterhouseCoopers, Enrique worked as a consultant for 6 years in the competition policy practice of NERA Economic Consulting in Spain. He holds a BA in business and a BA in economics, as well as an MA in industrial organization from the Carlos III University in Madrid.

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8983 Bulletin

Enrique Cañizares Pacheco The Spanish Competition Authority cleared with remedies a merger in the funeral services market but the Council of Ministries partly alleviated remedies proposed (INTUR / Euro Stewart España)


The operation The operation consisted on the acquisition of Euro Stewart España (ESE) by Inversiones Técnicas Urbanas (INTUR). The contract between the parties included an ancillary restraint, whereby the selling party committed not to compete, nor to licence its commercial brands, in the (...)

Enrique Cañizares Pacheco The Spanish Competition Authority clears a merger in the TV broadcasting sector subject to third party access to network infrastructure, but the remedies were subsequently modified by the Council of Ministries (Retevisión / Abertis Telecom)


The operation The operation consisted of Abertis Telecom’s acquisition (through its wholly-owned subsidiary Tradia) of Retevisión. Abertis Telecom is the subsidiary of the infrastructure group Abertis Infraestructuras. Abertis Telecom operates in the telecommunications sector and holds 100% of (...)

Enrique Cañizares Pacheco The Spanish Council of Ministers overturns a decision of the Spanish Competition Authority, and allows a merger in the beer market subject to remedies (Mahou / San Miguel)


The operation The operation consisted of the acquisition by Mahou of 100% of the shares of Enterprise Resource Planning, the mother company of San Miguel. Mahou and San Miguel were two of the main beer manufacturers in the Spanish market (combined market share of about 35%). The Spanish (...)

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