Emma Linklater

European University Institute (Florence)
PhD Researcher

Emma Linklater is a PhD Researcher at the European University Institute and her research subject is: the creative industry of European Law and its impact on book publishing. She previously studied at the Universiteit Utrecht, Faculty of Law and Governace, and the University of Edinburgh, School of Law.


379 Bulletin

Emma Linklater The EU Court of Justice reminds that a new State guarantee must be notified, and when it is not, its beneficiaries do not have remedies under EU Law (OTP Bank Nyrt / Magyar Állam)


In Brief: Case C‑672/13, OTP Bank Nyrt v Magyar Állam, Magyar Államkincstár,* In Case C‑672/13 OTP Bank the CJEU responded to preliminary ruling questions from the Hungarian Fővárosi Törvényszék relating to the categorisation of an agency agreement concluded in 2008 between the the Ministry of Local (...)

Emma Linklater The EU General Court partially annuls a decision of the Commission for the excessive length and lack of analysis in the preliminary investigation period (Ryanair)


Case T-512/11 Ryanair : Commission’s ATT Ireland Decision Partly Annulled (ATT Act I)* RyannThis post takes a preliminary look at Case T-512/11 Ryanair Ltd v Commission. This is only one of the appeals being brought against the Commission’s dabblings with the Irish Air Travel Tax (ATT) and as (...)

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