Spanish Competition Authority (CNMC) (Madrid)

Elvira Muñoz Villar

Spanish Competition Authority (CNMC) (Madrid)

Elvira Muñoz works at the Spanish Competition Authority since 2010. She obtained a degree in Law and in Economics from the University Carlos III de Madrid.

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Spanish Competition Authority (CNMC) (Madrid)
Spanish Competition Authority (CNMC) (Madrid)
Spanish Competition Authority (CNMC) (Madrid)
Spanish Competition Authority (CNMC) (Madrid)


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Elvira Muñoz Villar, Enrique Andreu, Patricia Lorenzo The Spanish Competition Authority monitors the competition conditions of the tenders in the market for regular bus transport service


On September 2nd, 2008, the National Competition Commission (Comisión Nacional de la Competencia, hereinafter "CNC"), published a report analysing the provision of intercity transport by bus in Spain. This study was carried out in response to the need for market analysis detected when (...)

Elvira Muñoz Villar The Spanish Competition Court fines € 306.000 tying practices between train transport and boat services (Ferrocarril de Sóller / Excursiones Marítimas Puerto de Sóller)


The island of Majorca in Spain is a great tourist attraction and the area of Sóller is one of most visited spots on the island. A typical tour offered by travel agencies and touroperators is the denominated “Vuelta a la Isla”. This tour consists of an itinerary between Palma, Sóller and Sa (...)

Elvira Muñoz Villar, Soledad Pereiras The Spanish Competition Authority approves the interchange fee setting scheme proposed by the Spanish payment card systems (Euro 6000 / Servired / 4B System)


Merchant associations pressed charges a year ago against the three Payment Card Systems which operate in Spain (EURO 6000, SERVIRED and 4B System), for their multilateral agreement setting interchange fees (Inter-System interchange fees). Interchange fees are fees paid by banks servicing (...)

Elvira Muñoz Villar The Spanish Competition Authority establishes that a collecting society has abused its dominant position by discriminating two TV operators but rejects plaintiffs’ claims that prices were excessive (Televisiones)


The Spanish Intellectual Property law has been modified over time. The law that currently regulates Intellectual Property dates from 1996 and compiles all the applicable legislation on this matter. This law, called Texto Refundido de la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual (from now on TRLPI) has (...)


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