French Competition Authority (Paris)

Elise Provost

French Competition Authority (Paris)
Adviser to the General Rapporteur and Head of the sustainable development network

Elise Provost is Adviser to the General Rapporteur and Head of the sustainable development network. She is a qualified French lawyer. She received her PhD from Sorbonne University and University of Liege. Her research interest mainly lies in competition law, sector-specific regulation and sustainability. Elise studied law and business administration at Sorbonne University and Queen Mary College, and worked previously as a lawyer at Paris and Brussels law firms.

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French Competition Authority (Paris)
French Competition Authority (Paris)
French Competition Authority (Paris)
French Competition Authority (Paris)


17391 Bulletin

Elise Provost The Paris Court of Appeal rejects the applicability of Article 101 and 102 TEU but upholds the findings that two telecom operators had abused their dominant positions in the telephony markets (Orange Caraïbe / France Telecom)


The Court of Appeal ruled on 23 September 2010 in the Orange Caraïbe case. It mainly upheld the findings of the French Competition Authority. Nonetheless, ruling out the applicability of Article 101 and 102 on doubtful grounds, it also quashed the decision insofar it found a margin squeeze in (...)

Elise Provost The French Electronic Communications Regulator defines the access obligations imposed on “in-building operators” in the context of the roll-out of the fibre networks


Further to a long-lasting public consultation, alongside the European Commission analysis on the appropriate fibre lines’ regulation, ARCEP, (the National Regulatory Authority - NRA) adopted a decision and a recommendation on the access obligations imposed on undertakings deploying in-building (...)

Elise Provost The French Telecom Regulator holds that the incumbent cannot require to be provided with information on the wholesale access offer of the cable operator (France Télécom/Numéricable)


Considering that the criterion of indispensability to achieve the objectives of the regulation was not satisfied, the French regulator rejected the France Télécom’s complaint based on the refusal of the cable operator to provide it with information on its wholesale access offer. The French (...)

4695 Review

Marjolein De Backer, Alec J. Burnside, Anton Hartl, Simon Holmes, Suzanne Kingston, Alexander Koprivnikar, Manish Mohan Govil, Siún O’Keeffe, Peter Georg Picht, Elise Provost, Nicole Rosenboom, Sahar Shamsi, Khushi Singh, Delphine Strohl, Ralph Taschke Sustainability and competition policy


The need to integrate sustainability considerations into all modern competition policies is more important than ever in the light of three factors: the effects of climate change becoming ever more apparent; inadequate policy and regulatory responses; and growing evidence that many businesses (...)

Gönenç Gürkaynak, Simon Holmes, Stanislas Martin, Umberto Berkani, Elise Provost Sustainable development: What role for competition policy? (New Frontiers of Antitrust, 3 Nov. 2020)


Contents: Does welfare include the green factor? Integration of sustainability into competition law , Gönenç Gürkaynak, Founding Partner, ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law, Istanbul, Member of Faculty, Bilkent University Faculty of Law, and Bilgi University Faculty of Law Competition policy (...)


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