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Elie Cohen is research director at France’s national scientific research center (CNRS). He is also a professor of economics at École des sciences politiques de Paris and a member of the Council of economic Analysis (CAE-Prime Minister). He is doctor in political economy. Elie Cohen’s specialist expertise spans industrial economics, public economics, and International economics. He is author of numerous articles in French and foreign academic Journals, as well as several books on industrial economy, public policies and sociology of organizations among which “Qui gouverne les groupes industriels ?” (Seuil Paris 1981), "L’État Brancardier" ("The state as stretcher-bearer", Calmann Levy, 1989), "Colbertisme High-Tech" (Hachette, 1992), “La tentation hexagonale, la souveraineté à l’épreuve de la mondialisation” (Fayard 1996), “L’ordre économique mondial” (Fayard 2001), and “Le Nouvel âge du capitalisme” (Fayard 2005). Professor Cohen also wrote a lot of reports for the Prime minister, among others “Éducation et Croissance” with Philippe Aghion, “Les leviers de la croissance française” with Aghion Cette Pisani-Ferry. Professor Cohen regularly teaches seminars at prestigious universities in France and abroad (including École normale supérieure, École des Mines, ...). He is also a special advisor to several parliamentary commissions and public bodies. Professor Cohen is considered a prominent authority in his areas of expertise and is frequently quoted by both specialist and mainstream media in France, the UK and Germany.

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Elie Cohen State aids, banking resolution and quantitative easing


The Italian Banking collapse in 2016 summer illustrated by the oldest European bank’s risk of bankruptcy (Monte Paschi di Siena MPS) encompassed competition policy tools (State aids), bank regulation tools (resolution) and monetary policy tools (quantitative easing). It shows difficulties of (...)

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