Dorottya Kereszty

DKKR Partners

Having worked for international law firms (Kinstellar, Linklaters, Gide) for nearly 10 years, Dorottya has gained substantial experience in the entire field of employment law such as: advising on the employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions and restructurings; advising in relation to the establishment and termination of the employment relationship; the development of employer incentive schemes; and negotiating with employee representative bodies and their legal representation in legal disputes. Dorottya was a member of the working group developing the New Labour Code of Hungary representing the employers’ perspective. In addition to the above, Dorottya’s expertise includes the entire field of corporate law including the transformation, establishment and termination of companies (e.g. liquidation, voluntary dissolution). She is a member of the Budapest Bar and speaks fluent in Hungarian and English.


4411 Bulletin

Ádám Máttyus, Dorottya Kereszty, Eszter Ritter The Hungarian Competition Office establishes that a sale and purchase agreement on trademarks does not qualify as a concentration of undertakings (Maspex / Apenta)


Upon the request of Maspex z.o.o. ("Maspex"), the Hungarian Competition Office ("HCO") initiated an investigation in order to assess whether the transfer of trademarks owned by Apenta Ásványvíz és Üdítõ Kft. ("Apenta"), a mineral water and soft drink producer, to Maspex would qualify as concentration (...)

Ádám Máttyus, Dorottya Kereszty, Eszter Ritter The Hungarian Competition Office decides that the establishment of an undertaking by four shareholders each holding 25 % of the votes does not qualify as a concentration (Baucont, Hérosz, Kipszer, Közév)


Baucont Rt., Hérosz Rt., Kipszer Rt. and Közév Rt., all active in the construction industry, notified the HCO of the establishment of Corvin-Szigony Rt. ("Corvin-Szigony"), a company limited by shares. Pursuant to its Deed of Foundation, Corvin-Szigony was established with the minimum amount of (...)

Ádám Máttyus, Dorottya Kereszty, Eszter Ritter The Hungarian Competition Office authorises a concentration through acquisition of minority shareholding with detailed reasoning on de facto control (Renault/Nissan)


The HCO initiated an investigation at the request of Renault S.A. ("Renault") for approval of the concentration of Renault and Nissan Motor Co. ("Nissan"). Renault and Nissan entered into an agreement pursuant to which Renault acquired a shareholding representing 36.8 per cent of the share (...)

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