Djamel Hadef

Municipality (Blanc-Mesnil)
Director of Legal Affairs and Public Procurement

Djamel Hadef is the Director of Legal Affairs and Public Procurement of Blanc-Mesnil. Prior he was an A.T.E.R. at the University Paris X Nanterre and a member of the «European and comparative law research center». He holds a Master degree in Competition law and regulation of the market, and a Master degree in Sports business law. He worked as jurist in Law firms at Paris and London (Sports law, Public law, Competition law) and worked also in public organization (Public procurement law). He writes various articles in particular on Sports law. He is writing presently a thesis on regulation of Sports law by Public economic law. He lectures Public law and EC competition law at University of Paris-X Nanterre. He speaks fluently French and English.


2009 Review

Djamel Hadef Award criteria: The French Supreme Administrative Court rules that the contracting authority must inform the candidates of the weighting of the sub-criteria if it has an influence on the selection of the offers (SNBTP)


The choice of the most economically advantageous tender is the high point of the public procurement procedure. From the definition of the need to the notification of the contract, the entire procedure is geared towards achieving this objective, which consists of objectively identifying the (...)

Djamel Hadef Public market: The Marseille Administrative Court of Appeal recalls the conditions under which it is possible to award a negotiated procurement contract following a call for bid which failed (Loximat / Commune de Rognac)


The decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Marseille of 1 April 2019 illustrates the difficulty for local authorities, especially the smallest among them, to master a public procurement law that has been in flux for several decades. The fact that the proceedings giving rise to the (...)

Djamel Hadef Public contract: The French Parliament adopts the Olympic law, which derogates from the European Union obligations to compete for a site-occupancy license of publicly-owned property for the benefit of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Law relating to the organization of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games)


By an Act of 26 March 2018 (Act No. 2018-202 of 26 March 2018 on the organisation of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games), France incorporated into its positive law a large number of derogations from ordinary law in areas as varied as public domain, intellectual property law, the law (...)

Djamel Hadef Concession: The Council of State gives precisions as to the definition of concession as compared to a contract for the use of public domain (Ville de Paris and Association Paris Jean Bouin)


CE sect. 3 December 2010, Ville de Paris and Association Paris Jean Bouin, n° 338272 Could the man who was the glory of French long-distance running at the beginning of the 20th century, and who gave his name to the stadium whose occupation is the subject of the dispute, have imagined, at a (...)


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