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David Sevy

Compass Lexecon (Paris)
Executive Vice President

David Sevy is an Executive Vice President at Compass Lexecon and heads up the Paris office. David has advised clients on a wide variety of competition and litigation issues, in over hundred and fifty cases covering very different sectors, including consumer goods, retailing, media, transportation, automotive, aeronautics, healthcare, telecommunications, energy, and financial services. David has advised clients in many complex mergers, including a number of Phase II proceedings before the European Commission and national competition authorities (France, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Malta, Romania). Recent EC experience involves Phase II cases Fiat Chryler/Peugeot (2020), Siemens/Alstom (2018), Thales/Gemalto (2018), Wabtec/Faiveley (2016), and Liberty Global/Base (2016), as well as Phase I cases Orange/TKR (2021) and Safran/Zodiac (2017). Recent experience in front of the French NCA includes Phase II cases Ardian/SPMR (2021), Cofigeo/William Saurin (2018) and FNAC/Darty (2016). David has also advised clients in antitrust cases before the European Commission (including Art. 101 cases re: Natural gas, Power Cables, Euribor, CDS, SSA Bonds) and before national jurisdictions. David has also acted as economic and testifying expert in several commercial litigation (before French and German commercial courts in particular) and international arbitration cases (under ICC, ICSID and LCIA), as well as in WTO cases. David is featured in the Who’s Who of Competition Economists Thought leaders and in the Who’s Who of Commercial Arbitration. He is Non-Governmental Advisor for the French competition authority in the International Competition Network. David graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (1986) and received his Ph.D. in Economics from Ecole Polytechnique (1993). After a post-doc at AT&T Bell Laboratories (1994), David worked for France Télécom (1994–1999) as senior regulatory economist. He then joined McKinsey & Company in Paris, from 1999–2002. David´s academic research focused mainly on theoretical and applied industrial economics. He is currently adjunct professor of economics at Ecole Polytechnique, teaching antitrust economics, after having taught business and organization economics. David is co-author of the textbook Economie de l’entreprise, aux Editions de l’Ecole Polytechnique and is frequently invited as speaker at competition policy conferences.

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David Sevy (Compass Lexecon)
David Sevy 6 October 2017 Paris


24743 Bulletin

David Sevy, Elena Zoido, Guillaume Duquesne, Soledad Pereiras The French Competition Authority dismisses collusion case against car rental companies due to lack of evidence that exchange of information led to strategic changes in their behavior (Europcar / Avis / Citer / Hertz / Sixt / EDA)


When Information Is Not (Market) Power: Using Quantitative Techniques To Show That Information Exchange Did Not Facilitate Collusion* Abstract On January 2015, the French competition authority claimed that some car rental companies infringed competition law by sharing monthly information (...)

David Sevy, Laure Schulz The French Competition Authority rejects a claim for interim measures regarding access to the incumbent’s civil engineering infrastructure for rolling-out fiber (Free / France Télécom)


Presentation Context of the claim 1. On 12 February 2008, the French Competition Council (hereafter the “Council”) has rejected Free’s claim for interim measures regarding the conditions of access to civil engineering facilities of France Télécom (hereafter “FT”), in the context of the (...)

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David Sevy, Frederic Jenny, Mark Powell Private enforcement: Current issues


This set of three papers is derived from the training session on the Private enforcement organized by the Concurrences Review that has held on 5th July 2012 in Brussels. In the first contribution, Frederic Jenny, chairman of the OECD Competition Committee, describes the main economic and legal (...)

Anne Perrot, David Sevy, David Tayar Economics of multiproducts competition


This set of three papers is derived from the training session on the multiproducts competition organised by Concurrences Review that has held on the 15th March 2011 in Paris. In the first contribution, Anne Perrot, Vice President of the Competition Authority, exposes the specificities of (...)

David Sevy, Philippe Choné Regulation and Competition


This set of papers is derived from the training session organised by Concurrences Review that has held on 14th December 2010 in Paris. For M. Choné, auhor of the first paper, the regulation of infrastructures involves difficult economic challenges. Upgrading infrastructures and building new (...)

Anne Perrot, David Sevy, Igor Simic Oligopolies with homogeneous products


This set of three papers are derived from the training session on oligopolies with homogeneous products organised by Concurrences Review and held on 21st January 2010 in Paris. The first paper is a short introduction by Prof. Anne Perrot aimed at briefly introducing the relevant notions. The (...)

David Sevy, Frederic Jenny, Jérôme Philippe, John Kallaugher, Kay Parplies, Laurence Idot, Luc Gyselen Anticompetitive foreclosure and the coherence of competition policy towards vertical restraints


Recent case law of the European Courts, the recent guidelines of the European Commission on non-horizontal mergers, the decisional practice of the European Commission as well as that of various national competition authorities and courts seem to focus on the possible anticompetitive (...)


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