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Dario Morelli

Legance - Studio Legale Associato
Head of Business and Legal Affairs

Dario Morelli is the Head of Business and Legal Affairs presso at FremantleMedia Italia S.p.A. since January 2015. Previously Dario was an associate with the Legance team. He advised clients on regulatory, contractual and antitrust issues, especially in the sector of TV and radio broadcasting, advertising, audiovisual content exploitation, internet services, transactional TV and consumer law. Dario graduated cum laude in 2010 and practiced for two years and a half in the media and data protection department of a top rated Italian firm. He also worked for one year as consultant on secondment to the European Legal Department of a major multinational television network. Dario is currently PhD candidate in Law and Religion at University of Milan. He has authored academic articles on Italian Media Law and writes regularly as a Media and Religion expert on The Huffington Post.

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Legance - Studio Legale Associato (Rome)
Legance - Studio Legale Associato
Legance - Studio Legale Associato (Rome)


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Dario Morelli, Vito Auricchio The Italian Competition Authority publishes the results of an inquiry into the modern trade sector (Indagine conoscitiva sul settore della GDO)


Analysis The Italian Competition Authority (“ICA”) has carried out a sector inquiry in the Italian modern trade sector. The inquiry’s focus is mainly on the competition law impact arising from the practices commonly adopted by the modern trade (e.g. unilateral amendments of the contractual terms, (...)

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1. Facts The case concerned an agreement between seven Italian undertakings active in the market for traffic barriers, holding an overall share of 95%. The cartel was aimed to concert commercial practices, control the production and prevent competition in the relevant market. The agreement was (...)

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