Positive Competition (Brussels)

Cyril Hariton

Positive Competition (Brussels)
Economist (Partner)

Prior to joining Positive Competition, Cyril has worked for 16 years at the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Competition, including 15 years as a member of the Chief Economist Team. He served under the leadership of the last three Commissioners and all of the past five Chief Economists. During his tenure at DG Competition, Cyril participated actively in the review of 75+ merger cases, including 30+ in-depth investigations (e.g. Omya/Huber, Halliburton/Baker Hughes, Dow/Dupont, Bayer/Monsanto, E.ON/Innogy), 15+ antitrust cases (e.g. Intel, Swedish interconnectors, Perindopril – Servier), as well as several State Aid cases. Cyril also participated in 10+ inspections and continued inspections as a forensic IT expert. Moreover, Cyril assisted the Commission in the preparation of its defence in front of the General Court of Justice of the European Union and represented the Commission in internal hearings as well as in front of the Court. Before joining the European Commission, Cyril worked as a Research Assistant at the UCLouvain and as an Assistant Professor at Toulouse Business School. Cyril holds an engineering degree from ISAE-ENSICA and a PhD in Economics from Toulouse School of Economics.

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Positive Competition (Brussels)
Positive Competition (Brussels)


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