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Cyriel Ruers

Allen & Overy (Amsterdam)
Lawyer (Senior Associate)

Cyriel specialises in competition law and market regulation. His experience ranges from both merger control proceedings and cartel investigations to private disputes in the telecommunications sector. His track record includes European Commission in-depth (Phase II) merger proceedings and anti-trust investigations by the Dutch Competition Authority. Cyriel joined Allen & Overy in 2012 after graduating from the Utrecht University Law & Economics programme.

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1184 Bulletin

Cyriel Ruers, Tjarda van der Vijver The District Court of Utrecht rules on its jurisdiction with regard to a private damages claim against participants in the lift cartel residing outside the Netherlands (Kone & ThyssenKrupp)


Parties East West Debt (EWD) v. the following lift manufacturers: United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Otis B.V. (Otis NL), Schindler Holding ltd. (Schindler Holding), Schindler Liften B.V (Schindler NL). ThyssenKrupp A.G. (ThyssenKrupp), ThyssenKrupp Liften B.V. (ThyssenKrupp NL), Kone (...)

Cyriel Ruers, Tjarda van der Vijver The District Court of Rotterdam rules on its jurisdiction regarding private damages claim against cartel participants residing outside the Netherlands (Stichting Elevator Cartel Claim)


The parties Stichting Elevator Cartel Claim (SECC) v. Kone B.V., Kone GMBH, Kone Oyj, Kone Luxembourg Sàrl, Kone Belgium S.A. (jointly Kone c.s.), Thyssenkrupp Liften Ascenseurs N.V.-S.A., Thyssenkrupp Liften B.V., Thyssenkrupp Aufzuge GmbH, Thyssenkrupp Fahrtreppen GmbH, Thyssenkrupp Elevator (...)

Cyriel Ruers, Tjarda van der Vijver The Hague District Court considers that the duty of sincere cooperation requires a National Court to defer its judgment until the EU Courts have rendered their final judgment unless a preliminary ruling on the validity of the decision is warranted (Paraffin wax cartel)


I. The Parties The case involves the first instance of a dispute brought before the District Court of The Hague, The Netherlands, by CDC Project 14 SA (Cartel Damage Claims, CDC), a claim vehicle established in Brussels, which has bought the claims of seven customers of paraffin wax in Italy, (...)

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