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Cristina Sjödin

European Commission - Legal Service (Brussels)
Civil Servant

Cristina Sjödin is a member of the Competition team of the European Commission’s Legal Service. Previously she was case handler at the European Commission’s DG Competition. In that capacity she dealt with major mergers in the digital industry and high-profile telecoms mergers. Before that, she worked as a lawyer in an international law firm. She holds an LL.M. degree from the College of Europe.


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1203 Bulletin

Cristina Sjödin, Eleonora Ocello The EU Commission clears the acquisition of a leading global professional social networking platform by a leading global software company, subject to 5-year remedies that include monitoring and prevention of tying (Microsoft / LinkedIn)


Microsoft/LinkedIn: Big data and conglomerate effects in tech markets* In a nutshell: The Microsoft/LinkedIn case is an important development in the Commission’s assessment of mergers involving data-related issues in tech industries. It provides further guidance on the framework for the (...)

Anatoly Subocs, Cristina Sjödin, Eleonora Ocello The EU Commission unconditionally approves in first phase the acquisition of a real time messaging services provider by a social networking company (Facebook / WhatsApp)


"What’s Up with Merger Control in the Digital Sector? Lessons from the Facebook/WhatsApp EU merger case"* The Facebook/WhatsApp decision provides an insight into how the Commission tackles novel issues in the application of merger control rules to the digital sector, in particular to free (...)

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