Cora-Marie Pinter

NERA (Berlin)
Research Officer

Cora-Marie Pinter is research officer at NERA Economic Consulting since March 2015. Previously, Ms. Pinter was Consultant in the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Economics Practice in Berlin. Prior to joining PwC in the beginning of 2010, she wrote her diploma thesis "Abuse of Dominance in EU Competition Policy: The Guidance Paper of the Commission" in cooperation with PwC. She gained practical experience during a six month internship at the same practice in 2008 and while working for the Investment Section of the Canadian Embassy to Germany. At PwC, she was involved in the economic analysis of cartel and merger cases and acted as monitoring trustee for the German federal cartel Office, the European Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. Cora studied economics at the Philipps-University Marburg, Germany and the University of Alberta, Canada. In her studies she has focused on industrial economics and competition policy and economics. She also worked for several semesters as a tutor and research assistant at the Competition Policy Institute and the Institute for Macroeconomics.


27446 Bulletin

Cora-Marie Pinter The Swiss Competition Commission cleared a merger in the food retailing sector subject to remedies, including the selling of a certain number of stores, the abolishing of exclusive supply agreements and a prohibition on merging with any other food retailing companies in Switzerland (Coop / Carrefour)


The operation On 17 March 2008, the Swiss Competition Commission (WEKO) cleared, in a second stage decision, the acquisition by Coop of Carrefour’s stores in Switzerland (12 existing and 2 planned hypermarkets), which in Switzerland were run by Distributis SA (jointly owned by Carrefour and (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Swiss Competition Commission approved a merger in the agricultural products sector subject to remedies prohibiting the imposition of purchase or exclusivity terms on any undertaking active in the agricultural sector in Switzerland (Fenaco / Steffen-Ris)


The operation On 13 March 2008 the Swiss Competition Commission (WEKO), in a Stage 2 decision, cleared a merger between Fenaco and Steffen-Ris subject to remedies. Fenaco and companies controlled by Steffen-Ris are active in the markets for agricultural products. Fenaco is among the main (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Austrian Federal Competition Authority clears with remedies the creation of a joint venture in the market for recycling cooling appliances (UFH / Remondis)


The operation UFH Holding GmbH (UFH) is based in Vienna, Austria and is active in the market for collecting and recovering raw materials from waste and in particular collecting and recovering electrical and electronic appliances. Remondis Electrorecycling GmbH (Remondis) is a world-wide waste (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Swiss Competition Commission approved a merger in the retail sector subject to remedies, including the elimination of exclusivity clauses in supply contracts and an independent commercial strategy for one of the target’s businesses (Coop/Fust)


The operation Coop is the second largest retail group in Switzerland. Dipl. Ing. Fust AG (“Furst”) is a high-street retailer of electrical goods and appliances. Following a Stage 2 investigation, the Swiss Competition Commission (WEKO) cleared the merger subject to remedies on 21 November (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Federal Supreme Court of Germany and the Düsseldorf Court of Appeals overrule the Federal Cartel Office’s prohibition and dissolution of a merger in the market for cartridges in the construction and industrial sector and fittings for medical and dental treatments (Sulzer / Kelmix / Werfo)


Transaction and Parties Sulzer Markets & Technology AG intended to acquire 75,1% of Kelmix Holding AG , 76% of Werfo AG, 76% of Mold AG and 100% of the founder’s rights of Mold Anstalt. Sulzer and Kelmix manufacture, among other things, two-component cartridges used for the filling of (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Swiss Competition Commission approves a merger in the food retail sector subject to extensive remedies including the maintenance of the legal, organisational and operational independence of the target and the prohibition on the acquirer acquiring any other undertakings active in the food retail sector (Migros/Denner)


The operation The merger involved the acquisition by Migros of 70% of food retailer Denner. The merger was cleared by the Swiss Competition Commission (WEKO) on 3 September 2007 in a Stage 2 decision, subject to the most extensive remedies ever imposed by WEKO up to that point. Migros is the (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Swiss Competition Authority approves a merger in the financial sector with remedies intended to ensure free access to the market for the electronic trading of Swiss stocks (SWX / SIS / Telekurs)


The operation The three-party merger between SWX (SWX Group and Verein SWX Swiss Exchange), SIS (SIS Swiss Financial Services Group AG) and Telekurs (Telekurs Holding AG) was approved by the Swiss Competition Commission (WEKO) in October 2007 in a Stage 1 decision. This was possible as the (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Austrian Federal Competition Authority clears a merger in the construction industry with remedies including the divestiture of the road construction division of the target company (Strabag/Storf)


The operation Strabag AG is one of Europe’s leading construction groups, headquartered in Austria and mainly active in building and civil engineering. Storf Hoch- und Tiefbau mbH (Storf) is a Tyrolean civil engineering and construction company. Strabag intended to acquire 100% of Storf. The (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Swiss Competition Appeals Commission annuls the Competition Authority’s decision having cleared a joint venture between 7 electricity companies conditionaly to free and non-discriminatory access to the network and prohibition of joint selling or producing (Swissgrid)


The operation On 7 March 2005, the Swiss Competition Commission (WEKO) cleared a joint venture between seven electricity companies for the transmission of electricity (Swissgrid AG). The seven companies are Aare-Tessin AG, BKW FMB Energie AG, Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke, (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Austrian Cartel Court cleared a merger - following initial prohibition - in the market of cellulosic fibres, subject to multiple conditions including undertakings to maintain production and R&D activities in Austria (Lenzing/Tencel)


The operation Lenzing AG produces the cellulosic fibres viscose and lyocell. Tencel only produces lyocell fibres. Lyocell is a chemical fibre extracted from wood. The production process for lyocell is much more environmentally friendly than the production process for viscose. The initial (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Austrian Cartel Court approves a merger in the sector of candy and chewing gum production, subject to remedies including an obligation to continue to supply for the next two years in Austria, but imposes a fine for failure to comply (Wrigley / Joyco)


The operation Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (Wrigley) USA is one of the world’s leading chewing gum producers.Joyco Inversiones, S.A. (Joyco) is part of the Spanish Corporation Agrolimen S.A. Wrigley sells chewing gum, bubble gum and mints. Joyco is also a manufacturer, mainly of bubble gum, in (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Austrian Cartel Court clears an acquisition in the national market for industrial sugar and fruit preparations, subject to behavioural remedies including the obligation to link prices charged to smaller customers to the average prices for larger delivery quantities (Agrana / Atys)


The operation Agrana Zucker und Stärke AG (Agrana) is one of the leading Central European sugar and starch producing groups. Since 2003 it has also been globally active in the fruit market, which makes up the third core segment of its business. The French company Financière Atys SA (Atys) is (...)

Cora-Marie Pinter The Austrian Cartel Court clears a merger of outdoor advertising companies, subject to behavioural and structural remedies including merger prohibition for 2.5 years in the relevant market (Saria / Medicur / Dr Schuster)


The operation Saria Holding AG (Saria) and Medicur Holding Gesellschaft mbH (Medicur) notified their proposal to acquire Dr Heinrich Schuster Werbung and Heimatwerbung (Dr Schuster) to the Federal Competition Authority (BWB).The BWB referred the acquisition to the Austrian Cartel Court (OLG.) (...)