Clément Hubert

Fieldfisher (Paris)

Clément Hubert works in the Competition & EU Regulatory department of Fieldfisher Paris office. He practices, whether through advisory or litigation, in the area of French and EU competition law (antitrust and merger control), distribution law, commercial litigation, and unfair practices. His expertise also includes telecommunication law and energy law. After one year in the Cardiff School of European Studies, Clément was graduated from the Political Studies Institute of Strasbourg (Sciences-Po Strasbourg) in 2007, and holds a master’s degree in EU business law from the University of Strasbourg (2009). He was admitted to the Paris bar in 2014. Before joining Fieldfisher Paris office, Clément worked in YGMA as an associate (French lawfirm specialized in telecommunications and energy), and had previously developed a significant know-how in major lawfirms in Paris (included several from Magic Circle) and within the Court of Appeal of Paris. Clément is also involved in several associative activities within the AFEC Jeunes (youth committee of the French association on competition studies) and the International League of competition law (LIDC). Clément speaks French, English and Spanish.

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819 Bulletin

Clément Hubert, Michael Vaz d’Almeida The Court of Appeal of Paris faces the difficult adequacy between efficiency of private enforcement and the principles of the French Civil Trial (JCB v. Central Parts)


In its decision dated 26 June 2013, the Court of Appeal of Paris considered that only the harm suffered because of anticompetitive practices implemented for a period of 10 years before they stopped could be compensated. By taking this ruling, it strictly applied the French procedural rules for (...)

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