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Christophe Le Berre

CRDP (Nanterre)
Senior Lecturer

Christophe Le Berre is a senior lecturer at the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense. He lectures European law, public utilities’ law and administrative law. He holds a PhD relating to the use of economic analysis in competition law, a Master 2 in public business law and another in international economic law.

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CRDP (Nanterre)
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19557 Review

Christophe Le Berre Concession scheme: The Council of State rules that it is possible to group a concession scheme into several lots but the bidder for one lot has no standing to lodge a recourse against other lots (Ramatuelle)


CE, 24 November 2010, Commune de Ramatuelle, n° 335703 CE, 24 November 2010, Commune de Ramatuelle, n° 336264 CE, 24 November 2010, Commune de Ramatuelle, n° 336265 The call for competition for the award of the beach lots, in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 1411-1 of the General Code (...)

Christophe Le Berre Process of "marché de définition": The ECJ rules contrary to the Directive 2004/18 the of “marché de définition” since this specific process defined at article 73 of the French Public contracts code is not provided for by the directive and infringes the principles of equality and transparency (France)


ECJ, 10 December 2009, European Commission v. France, C-299/08 When the contracting authority "is not in a position to specify the goals and performances to be achieved, the techniques to be used, the means in terms of personnel and equipment to be implemented", Article 73 of the Public (...)

Christophe Le Berre Placanica case law : The ECJ, applying the principles set forth in its Placanica judgement, considers proportionate the restrictions to the freedom to provide the services of on-line gambling, due to the specific features of the Internet (Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Profissional ; Bwin International)


– ECJ, 8 September 2009, Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Profissional and Bwin International Ltd, case C – 42/07 "Gambling involving bets of money is neither an ordinary business nor an ordinary service," says the bill on opening up the online gambling sector to competition and regulating it, (...)

Christophe Le Berre Public procurement - Concession: The Council of State case law evolves towards using the amount of risk born by the operator in order to discriminate public contract from concessions (Association Alcaly)


CE, Section, 8 April 2009, Association Alcaly and others, Nos. 290604, 290605, 291809 and 291810 Can the conclusion of an amendment to a motorway concession contract without prior advertising or competitive tendering comply with Community law? What is the scope of the approval of such an (...)

Christophe Le Berre Public markets - Transparency: The French Council of State rules that the European principle of transparency does not impose to the contracting authorities to have the publicity of the bidding procedure systematically published at the European level even if the contract is of interest to bidders from other member States (Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux - Kéolis)


CE, 1 April 2009, Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux and Société Kéolis, n° 323593 and n° 323585 Does the notice of a public call for tenders for a public service delegation likely to be of interest to economic operators established outside France necessarily have to be inserted in a medium with a (...)

Christophe Le Berre Public procurement: The ECJ rules that a Member State may exclude a bidder from a civil works public procurement contract if the bidder is linked to a media corporation as long as it is necessary and proportionate to ensure the fairness of the bidding process (Michaniki)


ECJ, 16 December 2008, Michaniki AE v. Ethniko Symvoulio Radiotileorasis a.o., case C-213/07 The Court of Justice, in answer to several questions referred for a preliminary ruling concerning legislative measures taken under the Greek Constitution, has given its interpretation of provisions (...)

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