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Christophe Collard is a professor of law at EDHEC Business School, and a member of the Legal EDHEC Research Centre. Christophe Collard manages the Legal & Tax Major programme (specialisation in Business Law) at EDHEC Business School. He teaches antitrust law, contract law and legal management, delivering courses to a wide range of publics. He has genuine experience of teaching in foreign countries (especially in Poland and Algeria). He maintains an active research agenda in the areas of competition law and legal management and strategies. He has presented numerous papers at French and international conferences and his research has appeared in a variety of academic and professional journals. He is the co-author of one of the best selling business law handbooks in France (Droit de l’entreprise, Lamy). He has also garnered several awards for excellence in writing and teaching. In 2000, a major French weekly magazine (L’Expansion) which established the list of the core faculty members of a future European e university selected Christophe Collard as the law professor of this virtual dream-team.

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8028 Bulletin

Christophe Collard A French Court of Appeal upholds court order banning a parapharmaceutical products price comparison advertising based on a non-significant sample and wrong data (Univers Pharmacie/Leclerc)


The French mass retail group "Centres E. Leclerc", which remains a cooperative, is well-known for having continuously tried to make more concrete and visible its strategic goal ("To sell at the best price, the largest set of products and services, to make them accessible to as many as (...)

Christophe Collard The Commercial division of the French Supreme Court emphasizes the reliability and independent conduct of price records involving a large amount of products, thereby validating a price comparison website (Carrefour / Leclerc)


The launching, in May 2006, of a price comparison website suggestively named “www.quiestlemoinscher.com” (www.who-is-the-cheapest.com) by the large-scale retail group E. Leclerc marked a significant development in the price war opposing major French large-scale retail groups. This price war (...)

Christophe Collard The UK High Court of Justice rules that an auction website cannot be held responsible for fake products sold through its web site and refers to the ECJ for some other key issues (L’Oréal / eBay)


Is eBay primarily and/or jointly liable for trademark infringements committed by some of its users selling counterfeit items through the auction website? Does the online auctioneer itself commit infringements by using luxury brands as advertising keywords, in order to promote its online (...)

Christophe Collard A U.S. federal judge clears sale of counterfeit luxury goods completed through an auction website, ruling that luxury companies are primarily responsible for policing their trademarks online (Tiffany / eBay)


In a lawsuit brought by the famous jewellery maker Tiffany & Co. , the US District Court of New York (Southern District, Manhattan) ruled on 14 July 2008 that eBay is not required to make greater effort for policing its site for counterfeit items, the primary burden for protecting a brand (...)

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