Christian Hocepied

University of Namur
Senior Research Fellow

Christian Hocepied is Principal Expert in the Antitrust Media Unit of the Competition Directorate General of the EU Commission. In this position he is dealing with complaints from undertakings of the Media industry relating to competition distortions in breach of the EU Competition rules, in particular concerning the ’digital dividend’. Christian Hocepied joined the European Commission in 1985, where he dealt with State aid, State Undertakings, Liberalisation and the application of the EU antitrust rules, including leading Commission inspection teams in company premises. One of his main achievements was the drafting of the EU telecommunications liberalisation Directives that set the framework for EU telecom liberalization during the nineties. He oversaw their application in the European Union and the new Member States in the subsequent years. In the 1990ies, he was also responsible for the drafting of the Decisions which ensured the introduction of competition among GSM systems in Europe. From 2006 onwards he focused on the design of the regulatory remedies necessary to foster the deployment of fast internet in the EU, which resulted in the September 2010 Commission Recommendation on regulated access to Next Generation Access. Before joining the EU Commission, Christian Hocepied worked among other as a lawyer in the Belgian Senate. Christian Hocepied has a master degree in Law from the University of Ghent (1980), an MBA from the Vlerick School voor Management (1981) and a master in sciences commerciales (HEC-St Louis Brussels - 1986).

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1176 Bulletin

Ansgar Held, Christian Hocepied The EU Commission decides that the level of fee charged by the French government for spectrum assignment to the 4th mobile operator did not entail any State aid in the meaning of Art. 107(1) TFEU (France - 4th UMTS license)


"The Assignment of Spectrum and the EU State Aid Rules: the case of the 4th 3g license assignment in France"* 1. The French 4th mobile communications licence On 5 May 2011, the Commission decided that the level of the fee charged by the French government in 2009 for spectrum assignment to (...)

Christian Hocepied The EU Commission applies art. 86(3) of the EC Treaty in a decision addressed to France subsequent to a complaint of a trade association representing the majority of the French mail preparation companies (SNELPD)


"The SNELPD Decision in the light of the previous Article 86(3) Decisions of the Commission"* Article 86(3) of the EEC Treaty entrusts the Commission with a specific surveillance duty ’in the case of public undertakings and undertakings to which Member States grant special or exclusive rights’. (...)

Christian Hocepied The Council of the EU, the Parliament and the Commission adopt new directives for the liberalization of telecommunications markets (Directives 95/62/EC and 96/19/EC amending Directive 90/388/EEC)


"Telecoms sector soon fully open to competition : the central role of the European Commission"* With the adoption, at the end of December 1995, of Parliament and Council Directive 95/62/EC on the application of ONP to voice telephony and, on March 13 1996, of Commission Directive 96/19/EC (...)

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