Christian Ehmer

RBB Economics (Brussels)
Economist (Senior Associate)

Christian Ehmer is a Senior Associate in RBB Economics’ The Hague office, having joined the firm in October 2004. Christian has advised clients on many competition cases, both before the European Commission and before national competition authorities in Germany and the Netherlands. He has worked on mergers raising both horizontal and vertical concern, and has also advised clients in a number of litigation and arbitration cases involving both Article 81 and Article 82 disputes. He has also repeatedly advised providers of telecommunication and broadcasting services on the economic issues related to sector specific regulation. A native German speaker, Christian is fluent in English and Dutch and has a good working knowledge of French.

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1706 Bulletin

Christian Ehmer, Maria Clemence Ververs The Dutch Competition Authority clears a joint venture for the rollout and management of an optical fiber network subject to behavioural remedies (Reggefiber)


Introduction On 19 December 2008 the Dutch Competition Authority (Nederlandse Mededingingsautoriteit, hereafter the NMa) authorized a joint venture (JV) by KPN and Reggefiber conditional upon behavioural remedies . The imposed remedies address the focal points of OPTA’s most recent Market (...)

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