Christian Bergqvist

University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Law
Associate Professor

Christian Bergqvist is an associate professor at the University of Copenhagen. He specialises in competition law in general, with particular interest to its application to deregulated and network tied sector (telecom, energy and transport). He completed a Ph.D. thesis on the regulation of network tied sectors (telecommunications and energy) and the application of competition law to these. He speaks Danish, English and German.


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University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Law
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1487 Bulletin

Christian Bergqvist, Laurits Schmidt Christensen The Danish Supreme Court upholds a decision of the High Court regarding infringement of competition law by an arbitration award (Taewoong / Ah Industries)


Summary of the case In a January 2016 ruling the Danish Supreme Court rejected the argument that a 2011 arbitration award infringed competition law and therefore should be set aside . The dispute between the parties pertained to the termination of an international distribution agreement (...)

Christian Bergqvist, Laurits Schmidt Christensen The Danish Supreme Court rules on State action defense and refusal to supply under Danish competition law (Copenhagen Airport Terminal A)


Summary of the case After a lengthy process the Danish Supreme Court finally closed the curtain in September 2015 on a potential new, and competing, terminal in Copenhagen Airport, the main Danish airport hub. A group of investors had asked the airport to grant access (a lease) to a plot of (...)

1975 Review

Christian Bergqvist Pursuing regulatory objectives under competition law


While the Commission has stood its ground against political pressure to relax enforcement for the purpose of grooming European champions, that does not mean only economic welfare arguments have been accepted under competition law. Rather, over the years a pattern has emerged whereby, in the (...)

Christian Bergqvist, Jonathan Rubin Google and the trans-Atlantic antitrust abyss


During the late 2000s, several jurisdictions, including the EU and the U.S., opened investigations into potential antitrust violations by the Internet search firm, Google, for alleged bias in the ranking of the links returned in response to search queries. While the EU investigations in 2017 (...)

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