Liège University

Charlotte Lousberg

Liège University
Assistante (PhD Student)

Charlotte Lousberg holds a Master’s degree in law (2003-2008, with highest honors) and an LL.M. in business law from the University of Liège (2008-2009, with highest honors). Since 2009, she is research assistant of Professor N. Petit at the University of Liège. She is also intern in the competition law department of the Federation of Enterprises of Belgium. Her main research interests cover Procedural issues and Judicial Remedies, Belgian competition law and questions about the place of federations of companies in competition law.


3217 Review

Alexander Gee, Bruno Lasserre, Charlotte Lousberg, Ian Forrester, Nadia Calvino, Nicolas Petit, Peter Freeman Sector inquiries: Complements or substitutes for antitrust enforcement? (New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference, 15th February 2010)


Enquêtes sectorielles : Complément ou substitut de l’action des autorités de concurrence ? Introduction générale Frédéric JENNY President, OECD Competition Committee President of the International board of the Review Concurrences Professor, Co-Director of the Centre Européen de Droit et d’Economie, (...)

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