Cecilio Madero Villarejo

DG COMP (Brussels)
Deputy Director-General Antitrust

Cecilio Madero Villarejo has been Deputy Director General for Antitrust at the European Commission’s Competition Directorate-General since May 2011. He is responsible for the Commission’s antitrust cases and policy. His experience with the Commission spans 25 years during which his career has focused on European competition policy. As a case-handler, he dealt first with the adjustment of state monopolies and the internal energy market. In 1995, he was appointed Head of Unit dealing with State aid in the area of manufacturing, including the textile, papers, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic industry, mechanical engineering and other sectors. Between 1999 and 2006, he was Head of Unit in charge of Information Industries, Internet and Consumer Electronics. In October 2006, he was appointed Director of the Services Directorate, and then in 2007, Director of the Information, Communication and Media Directorate. In 2010 he became Acting Deputy Director General for Mergers and Antitrust. Mr. Madero studied law at the Complutense University in Madrid. After working for five years at Banco Bilbao in Spain, he joined the European Commission (Competition DG) in 1987.

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Cecilio Madero Villarejo
Cecilio Madero Villarejo 26 June 2017 Paris


610 Bulletin

Cecilio Madero Villarejo, Christoph Hermes, Jean Huby, Nicholas Banasevic, Thomas Kramler The European Court of First Instance rejects US software company’s request for interim measures (Microsoft)


"The Court of First Instance rejects Microsoft’s request for interim measures concerning the Commission’s decision of 24 March 2004"* 1. The decision On March 24 2004, the Commission adopted a decision in Case COMP/C-3/37.792 — Microsoft — by which it concluded that Microsoft had abused its (...)

755 Review

Bruno Lasserre, Cecilio Madero Villarejo, François Brunet, Oliver Bethell TR I - Compliance Programs: How efficient are they really? (New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference - Paris, 10 February 2012)


This first roundtable of the conference “New frontiers of Antitrust”, Paris, 10 February 2012, was dedicated to the compliance programs and how efficient are they really. In the first paper, President Lasserre shares the experiment of the French Competition Authority in this area. Cecilio Madero (...)

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