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Cecilia Nilsson-Bottka

DG COMP (Brussels)
Case officer

Cecilia is case officer at DG Competition.

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582 Bulletin

Cecilia Nilsson-Bottka, Lars Albath, Rainer Wessely The EU Commission imposes heavy fines in the long-lasting candle wax cartel (ENI / ExxonMobil / Hansen & Rosenthal / Tudapetrol / MOL/ Repsol / Sasol / RWE / Total)


"Bringing light into the dark: Commission fines long-lasting candle wax cartel more than EUR 676 million"* With its fifth cartel decision in 2008 the Commission imposed heavy fines on several producers of paraffin waxes and slack waxes. The decision adopted on 1 October established that these (...)