Carl Johan Sundqvist

Department of Justice (Stockholm)
Legal advisor

Carl Johan Sundqvist is a legal advisor at the Justice Department of Sweden. He was a clerk at Svea hovrätt (Swedish courts). Previously, Mr. Sundqvist was an associate in Vinge’s EU and antitrust practice in Stockholm. Education: LL.M. (Jur Kand) and B.Sc. Economics, Stockholm University, 2009. Languages: Swedish, English and French.


12704 Bulletin

Carl Johan Sundqvist, Carl Wetter The Swedish Competition Authority closes predatory pricing investigation relating to procurement of services pursuant to Art. 82 EC and its Swedish equivalent (Banverket Produktion)


Background During 2004, the Swedish Rail Administration (Sw. Banverket) procured services relating to the maintenance of four Swedish railway lines; Västkustbanan 1 and 2 and “Kust till Kust” 1 and 2. Banverket Produktion, which was affiliated to Banverket, submitted an offer. The price for the (...)

Carl Johan Sundqvist, Carl Wetter The Stockholm City Court applies the Commission’s notice on immunity from fines and reduction of fines in cartel cases before the Competition Authority’s corresponding notice (Keyvent / Building Systems)


Background On 30 august 2001, the Swedish Competition Authority (the “SCA”) was contacted by ABB concerning an investigation that ABB, along with its subsidiary, YIT Building Systems AB (“Building Systems”) had conducted. The investigation raised concerns regarding Building Systems’ connections (...)

Carl Johan Sundqvist, Carl Wetter The Swedish Supreme Court declares that concerted practice cannot be subject to nullity under section 7 of the [former] Swedish Competition Act (Boliden Mineral Aktiebolag / AB Fortum Värme samägt med Stockholms stad)


Background In December 1992, Boliden Mineral Aktiebolag (“Boliden”) concluded an agreement with Korsnäs Aktiebolag (“Korsnäs”), in which Boliden undertook to purchase its entire requirement of electricity for a mining facility. A standard form agreement was attached to the aforementioned agreement. (...)

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