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Carl-Christian Buhr

European Commission - DG IT (Brussels)
Head of Unit

Since December 2019, Carl-Christian Buhr is head of unit in the Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT), Digital Transformation and Coordination. Carl-Christian Buhr holds a doctorate and degrees in economics and computer science. 2005-2007 he worked for the European Court of Auditors in Luxemburg. 2007-2010 he worked at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition, dealing with antitrust and merger cases and investigations in the IT sector.

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5202 Bulletin

Adrian Lübbert, Carl-Christian Buhr, Robert Thomas, Sabine Crome, Vera Pozzato, Yvonne Simon The EU Commission unconditionally clears a merger between two US software companies (Oracle / Sun Microsystems)


Oracle/Sun Microsystems: The challenge of reviewing a merger involving open source software* I. Introduction On 21 January 2010 the Commission unconditionally cleared the planned takeover of Sun Microsystems (‘Sun‘), a software and hardware vendor, by Oracle Corporation (‘Oracle‘), one of the (...)

Carl-Christian Buhr, Friedrich Wenzel Bulst, Jeanne Foucault, Thomas Kramler The EU Commission renders legally binding commitment offered by U.S. software undertaking concerning web browsers (Microsoft)


"The Commission’s decision in the Microsoft Internet Explorer case and recent developments in the area of interoperability"* I. Commitment decision on the tying of Internet Explorer to Windows A. Introduction On 16 December 2009, the Commission adopted a commitment decision (‘the Decision’) (...)

Bertrand Jéhanno, Carl-Christian Buhr, Julia Brockhoff, Penelope Papandropoulos, Peter Eberl, Vera Pozzato The EU Commission clears a merger in the online advertising market applying for the first time the non-horizontal merger guidelines (Google / DoubleClick)


"Google/DoubleClick: The first test for the Commission’s nonhorizontal merger guidelines"* I. Introduction The Google/DoubleClick merger generated considerable interest as it concerned the ubiquitous search engine that most Europeans use in their daily lives. From a competition policy (...)

Carl-Christian Buhr, Devi Wyns, Thomas Kramler The EU General Court partially upholds the Commission’s decision concerning an abuse of a dominant position in the PC operating system (Microsoft)


"The judgment of the Court of First Instance in the Microsoft case"* I. The 2004 Decision On 24 March 2004, the Commission adopted a decision pursuant to Article 82 EC concluding that Microsoft had abused its dominant position in the PC operating system market by (i) refusing to provide (...)

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