Bruce Wardhaugh

Durham University

Bruce Wardhaugh joined the Law School of Durham University as Professor of Competition Law in 2021. He previously taught at the University of Manchester (as Senior Lecturer and then as Professor of Competition Law), Queen’s University Belfast and Newcastle University. He earned a PhD and an LLB (JD) from the University of Toronto, and an LLM (in International and European Law) from the University of Amsterdam. Prior to his career as a legal academic, Bruce practiced in British Columbia (Canada) for a number of years. Bruce has written extensively on the competition issues surrounding collusion. In 2020, he published a monograph with Hart (Bloomsbury), Competition Effects and Predictability: Rule of Law and the Economic Approach to Competition. His Cartels, Markets and Crime: A Normative Justification for the Criminalisation of Economic Collusion was published by Cambridge University Press in 2014.



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Bruce Wardhaugh The Irish Competition Authority Releases its 2013 Annual Report


On 27 February 2014, the Irish Competition Authority published its 2013 Annual Report. A notable feature of this report is that it is the first report produced after Ireland exited its “bailout” by the Trokia: the IMF, ECB and EU. The Memorandum of Understanding 2010 Bailout required the (...)

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