Brigitta Renner-Loquenz

DG COMP (Brussels)
Case officer

Brigitta is Case officer at DG Competition.

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DG COMP (Brussels)
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2889 Bulletin

Brigitta Renner-Loquenz, Johan Lannering The EU Commission authorizes the prolongation of Swedish eco-tax scheme addressing the issue of bundling of eco-taxes for State aid assessment


"State aid and eco-taxes: bundling of eco-taxes for State aid assessment"* Eco-taxes in the European Union Several Member States have introduced taxes on energy products in order to create an incentive to reduce the consumption of energy, and thereby also the emissions of greenhouse gases (...)

Brigitta Renner-Loquenz The EU Commission partially authorizes State aid scheme notified by the UK authorities concerning reduction of CO2 emissions and opens a procedure under art. 88(2) of the EC Treaty (Climate Change Levy)


"United Kingdom — Commission takes a decision on the Climate Change Levy (CCL). It authorizes several exemptions but opens the 88 (2) EC procedure on the exemption for dual use fuels"* The European Commission decided on 28 March 2001 not to raise objections to the main elements of the UK’s (...)

Brigitta Renner-Loquenz The European Commission approves the prolongation of risk capital scheme for small technology companies in Germany (’Beteiligungskapital für kleine Technologieunternehmen’)


"Germany — Prolongation of the «Beteiligungskapital für kleine Technologieunternehmen», a risk capital scheme for small technology companies"* The European Commission approved on 28 February 2001 the prolongation of a German risk capital scheme for small technology companies. Under the scheme (...)