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Bernard Galiciani

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PhD Student

Bernard Galiciani has a law degree from the University of Salzburg (2010). In 2010/11, he took part in the collaborative LL.M. program in transnational business practice (Salzburg University/ University of the Pacific). He has been a research assistant at the Salzburg University Department of Labour Law, Economic Law and European Law since 2010. He specializes in the field of European Common Market, Competition Law and Public Law. Currently he is also writing his doctoral thesis.

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1902 Bulletin

Bernard Galiciani The Austrian Supreme Court holds that records from competition proceedings cannot be withheld from the public prosecutor in a following criminal proceeding on the grounds of protecting trade secrets according to the Anti-Cartel Act (Elevator cartel)


Background: Following on from the elevator cartel case («Aufzugskartell»), in which the involved undertakings were fined 25 million Euros for breaching Art 81 ECT (Art 101 TFEU), the public prosecutor («Staatsanwaltschaft Wien») brought proceedings against a number of involved persons pursuant to (...)

Bernard Galiciani The Austrian Supreme Court rules on the requirements for granting the Competition Authority a search warrant to enter the premises of an attorney suspected of possessing relevant document in a cartel case (Feuerwehrfahrzeuge II)


1. Background This case follows on from the proceedings 16 Ok 7/09 in which the Federal Cartel Authority (Bundeskarellamt) investigated four undertakings for participating in collusive practices pursuant to Art 101 TFEU by dividing up their market share. The four undertakings had consulted (...)

Bernard Galiciani The Austrian Supreme Court holds that it is solely up to the Competition Authority to decide on the leniency status of undertakings suspected of collusive practices pursuant to Art 101 TFEU (Printchemicals)


I. Background Upon application of the Austrian Federal Competition Authority (BWB) the Cartel Court (OLG Vienna as KG) sentenced 7 undertakings to fines of between € 66,000 and € 675,000 for their participation in collusive practices in violation of Art 101 TFEU. The first three undertakings (...)

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