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Aurélien Camus is lecturer at the University of Paris Nanterre. He is responsible for the degree in both economy and law.

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30139 Review

Aurélien Camus Contractual action: The French Supreme Administrative Court considers that a public person, whose consent has been undermined by anticompetitive and deceptive practices, can exercise an interim payment (Département de l’Eure)


For a long time in the shadow of the litigation of administrative repression of anti-competitive practices, the litigation of the reparation of anti-competitive practices has, in recent years, experienced a real development. A trend in case law has paved the way for an autonomous and specific (...)

Aurélien Camus Freedom to undertake : The French Constitutional Council validates the legislative framework governing the activity of passenger cars with driver (Voitures de tourisme avec chauffeur)


The public road system has been the scene of a mediatized opposition between taxi drivers and passenger car drivers. The commented decision of the Constitutional Council is the last act in a turbulent play. Act I. The starting point of the dispute is the law of 22 July 2009 which reorganises (...)

Aurélien Camus Public procurement: The Council of State reviews the denial to sell pictures from works of art belonging to public museums with regard to the freedom of enterprise principle (Commune de Tours)


Thirteen years after the Sté EDA case-law (EC, sect., 26 March 1999, Sté EDA: ECR, p. 96, concl. J.-H. Stahl; AJDA 1999, p. 427, note Bazex; RFD adm. 1999, p. 977, note D. Pouyaud; D. 2000, p. 204, note J.-P. Markus, RDP 1999, p. 1545) and a few months after the widely commented RATP case law (...)

Aurélien Camus Compulsory competitive bidding – Scope: The Legislator, through article 96 of the 2011-267 French Act of 14th of March 2011 (LOPPSI II), imposes a competitive bidding to all administrative building lease


Article 96 of the law n° 2011-267 of 14 March 2011 on orientation and programming for the performance of internal security (LOPPSI II), JORF n° 62 of 15 March 2011, p. 4582 "No legislative or regulatory provision or principle requires a public person to organize a publicity procedure prior (...)

Aurélien Camus Delegation of economic activity: The Council of State rules how the principles governing public contracts should combine with the principle of the freedom of enterprise (Département de la Corrèze)


CE, 3 March 2010, Département de la Corrèze, No. 306911 Although widely desired, the aggiornamento of the control of the intervention of public entities in the market, through the single principle of equal competition, has not yet taken place (J-P. Kovar, "Où en est la liberté du commerce et (...)

Aurélien Camus Principle of non-transferability: The French Constitutional Court gives precision on the principles and conditions that the transfer of public property should abide by, in terms of price and usage (Railroad transport)


Cons. const. dec. no. 2009-594 DC of 3 December 2009, Law on the organisation and regulation of rail transport and on various provisions relating to transport. "While State property has long remained on the fringes of the constitutionalization movement affecting other branches of (...)

Aurélien Camus Public procurement - Concessions: The French Council of State rules that the limit imposed to water concession schemes by the 1993 and 1995 Acts should apply to existing contracts; hence, their duration should not be extended beyond the legislative limit calculated from the publication of the Acts (Cie générale des eaux ; Commune d’Olivet)


– EC, Ass. 8 April 2009, Cie Générale des Eaux, Commune d’Olivet, No. 27 1737. The Commune d’Olive t judgment was an opportunity for the Council of State to take up again the delicate question of the application of a new law to contracts in the course of performance. While following (...)

Aurélien Camus Public/eminent domain : The Administrative Court of Appeal of Bordeaux rules that whenever there are economic activities on the eminent domain, the public body should take into consideration economic freedom and competition law when managing its domain (CRAM)


Administrative CA Bordeaux, 30.12.08, SARL CRAM, 06BX01765 SARL CRAM, a restaurant operator, has requested authorisation to install a terrace on the Place Saint-Michel in Cordes-sur-Ciel. Preferring to set up a tourist office counter, the mayor rejected its request. The petitioner (...)

Aurélien Camus Airport charges: The French Council of State strikes down (definitively?) in favour of Air France the tariff of airport fees for the Marseille low cost airport (Air France)


CE, 26 December 2008, Société Air France, No. 312426 Charging for airport services, as distinct from air navigation services, is "a key element in the commercial strategy of airports" (J.-F. Brisson, "Le nouveau régime des charges aéroportuaires", AJDA, 2005, p. 1996). As such, the (...)

Aurélien Camus, Bertrand du Marais Public procurement: The Council of State rules that the extension of a contract for self service bicycles over 1.500 meters from the initial scope of the contract (Paris) does not alter the initial contract and then requires no new bidding (Ville de Paris)


CE, Section, 11 July 2008, Ville de Paris, n°312354 The "Vélib’" service was the subject of a public contract signed on 27 February 2007 between the City of Paris and Somupi, a subsidiary of JCDecaux. A global contract for urban planning, technical and financial reasons, the contract covers (...)

Aurélien Camus, Bertrand du Marais Labour agreements: The Council of State rules that, while legalizing labour agreements, Government regulation should combine social interest and the development of competition (Société Nouvelle de Remorquage du Havre)


CE, 21 May 2008, Société Nouvelle de Remorquage du Havre, n° 291115 In a decision that is very rich in terms of the number of aspects reviewed, the Conseil d’État recalls its previous case law (EC, 16 Jan. 2002, Syndicat national des entreprises d’esthétique et de coiffure à domicile, CJEG (...)


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