Arthur Braun

Braun (Prague)
Managing Partner

Arthur Braun is a senior partner of the law firm Braun Partners and a leader of the M&A team. In addition, he also focuses on corporate and commercial law, competition law, labor law and market entries. Throughout his practise, he has taken part in hundreds of transactions executed by international and domestic clients. Arthur Braun is also an author of numerous publications and regularly lectures at seminars, conferences and universities.

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Braun (Bratislava)


1338 Bulletin

Arthur Braun The Slovak Competition Authority proposes the introduction of a new section in the Act on Protection of Economic Competition law giving natural persons a financial incentive for whistleblowing


Slovakia: Cash Incentives to Whistleblowers?* At the end of 2012 the Slovak Antimonopoly Office presented its future plans for public discussion. Various aspects such as the announced prioritisation of antitrust enforcement, the incentives for settlement of antitrust cases, the establishment (...)

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