Antonin Gras

CRDP (Nanterre)

Antonin Gras is a lecturer at the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (he lectures constitutional law, public procurement law, public international law and private international law in the context of globalisation, and introduction to the legal system), and also a PhD student at the CRDP (Centre de recherche sur le droit public - Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense), specialised in public law. He is writing a thesis on alternative competition regulations (“Les modes alternatifs de régulation de la concurrence, entre prérogatives de puissance publique et action privée”).

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French State Council (Paris)


2013 Review

Antonin Gras Public service concession: The French Supreme Administrative Court stipulates under what circumstances the contracting authority can modify, during the procurement, the essential stages of the procedure that is underlined in tender documents (Transdev)


Do the principles of public procurement require an adaptation to the circumstances of the consultation regulations that normally implement them? By a decision of 8 November 2017, the Conseil d’État replied in the affirmative, and dismissed an appeal against an order of the pre-contractual interim (...)

Antonin Gras, Bertrand du Marais Public contract - Pension funds: The ECJ rules that the pension funds in charge of managing optional supplementary pension for local civil servants should run the competitive bidding process set forth by the public procurement directives, although they have been chosen according to a social collective agreement (Germany)


CJEU, 15 July 2010, Commission v. Germany, case C-271/08 Collective agreements are not excluded as a matter of principle from the scope of the free movement of services and the freedom to provide services. Only if the implementation of the procedures provided for in Directive 2004/18 is (...)

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