Antoni Vassileff

Advolis Orfis (Brussels)

Antoni Vassileff is a partner with Advolis. Based in Brussels, he specialises in the monitoring of remedies and acts regularly as trustee for various competition authorities. He is a civil engineer (Polytechnique, Ponts) and has a degree in economics from Harvard University.

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Advolis Orfis (Paris)
Advolis Orfis (Paris)


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Antoni Vassileff The EU Commission conditionally approves a merger in the electrical equipment sector leading to a creation of a dominant position by accepting structural remedies offered by the parties (Schneider Electric / APC)


Schneider/APC: a textbook first-phase case with creation of dominant position and structural remedies* On December 12, 2006, the French company Schneider notified its proposed acquisition of the US-based company American Power Conversion (APC) to the Commission. The main overlap in the (...)

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