Anne-Sophie Côme

Griffes Consulting (Geneva)
Legal Counsel

Anne-Sophie Côme is Legal counsel at Griffes consulting in Geneva. She studied Competition and IP Law at the University of Liège and Queen Mary University.


1101 Bulletin

Anne-Sophie Côme, Norman Neyrinck The Belgian Competition Authority dismisses a complaint from the Union of Belgian French-speaking Booksellers alleging an abuse of dominance and the existence of a cartel between two book distributors (Dilibel)


1. The parties The “Union of Belgian French-speaking Booksellers” (hereinafter “UBFB”) is a non-profit organization which represents and defends the interests of the Belgian French-speaking booksellers. It represents 60% of French-speaking booksellers of Belgium. Dilibel Plc. is a subsidiary of (...)

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