Anne-Marie Pecoraro

A Turquoise (Paris)
Lawyer (Partner)

Anne-Marie Pecoraro is Partner Lawyer - "Intellectual Property Law, Technologies and Media" service team at Turquoise. Anne-Marie acts in the domains of competition, distribution and commercial contracts, as well as in the intellectual property, new technologies and entertainment law department. She specialises in advertising, literary and artistic property and trademarks law. She has also a sound legal knowledge regarding designs and models and disloyal competition (at national and international level). She has expertise in contract drafting and negotiation, and advises her clients and defends their rights in the case of litigation (notably, in the case of counterfeiting). After having started her career as a jurist for production agencies and several companies in the cultural sector (notably in the domain of movie- and music production), Anne-Marie Pecoraro co-founded the law firm Pecoraro-Vercken, before joining Bignon Lebray & Associés as a partner. Some of the clients, whom she advises, belong to the industrial and institutional sectors, other come from a creative field (producers, editors, authors, artists agencies or museums employees). Anne-Marie has been actively involved in the main international trade shows, notably in the Midem, where for several consecutive years, she has co-chaired the ’legal digital workshop.


7767 Bulletin

Anne-Marie Pecoraro, Bénédicte de Carlan, Nassim Terki The Paris Court of Appeal rules that cybersquatting infringes the free competition principle (Hôtels Méridiens)


A cybersquatting case having given rise to a litigation between Hôtels Méridiens and a company providing Internet domain names (thereinafter “The Online Player” or “The OP”) gave the Paris Court of Appeal a new opportunity to render a judgement concerning the necessary complementary nature of (...)

9815 Review

Anne-Marie Pecoraro, Bénédicte de Carlan, Charlotte Paoli, Hugues Calvet, Maria Mercedes Frabboni, Marine Pouyat, Miguel Mendes Pereira, Thierry Desurmont Copyrights and neighbouring rights at stake with competition law in the globalisation era


The development of new technologies allows new cross border and worldwide uses of copyright and neighbouring rights. Their globalisation has led competition regulation bodies to question whether they should evolve their analysis of existing collective management of rights. Stakeholders, (...)


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